Saturday, May 25, 2013

U.K police arrest 85 year old grandma for speech crime

The British have adopted a Soviet styled model of arresting people for politically incorrect speech.  The British government (and many people) have a greater hatred for people that oppose immigration and "diversity" than they do for the African Muslim who butchered a British soldier on a London street.

If you criticize Islam or Judaism in England, you risk jail. Mocking Christianity is legal and is encouraged.

The British public can breathe a big sigh of relief after it was learned a 85 year old cookie baking menace was arrested for raising her voice outside of a mosque in England. Doesn't she know that it's illegal to critique or raise any objections to Islam in a muslim country?. I hope she'll learn her lesson, even if she is in the end stages of Alzheimers. Meanwhile one of the Muslim beheaders was part of a banned terrorist group in the U.K. Ranted and raved in publioc squares calling for jihad for years, and even tried to join al-qaeda overseas, but the Police never so much as gave him a polite ring to stop.

An 85-year-old woman has been arrested for allegedly shouting outside 
the Jamia mosque in Gillingham today (Friday 24 May). She is currently 
in police custody for a public order offence.


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  1. Yet another excellent video, thanks RamZ.

    There are signs that the English are waking up, but knowing how easy we are to indoctrinate, and how far we will go to please those who despise us - I am not so sure.

    I am a 1950s - 1970s Conservative - but now to many of my friends I am to the right of AH. We have become a very timid and scared people. My ancestors would have disowned the lot of us.

    1. Here's an interesting angle on the government-sponsored indoctrination:

      And here is a speech about the "pussification" of Western society by Alexandr Solzhenitsyn:

  2. I believe that what happened with Wednesday's post is that many stumbled on to your channel for the first time and with tensions high and the first spark of some kind of National identity running through their veins were too blinded by it all to appreciate the satire.. Yesterday between 5 to 7 thousand marched through Newcastle to demonstrate against islam. 1500 according to the media...7000 according to police figures. Anyhow, keep the vids coming RamZ.

  3. The American "truther movement" exposed as hoaxes:

  4. When the enemy notices a surge of backlash, perhaps even a possible revolt, it is never uncommon for them to spread lies in order to kill the morale of the opposition. It's a great way to reduce casualties and stem insurgency. This is something our media loves to do to us, but if all of what they say is true, why do our numbers keep growing?

    Is it possible that, after growing weary of all the politically correct bullshit they've been spewing for so long, nobody's really even paying attention to what they say anymore?