Saturday, June 1, 2013

Cheerios Race Commercial - a biracial reaction

This Cheerios commercial created quite the reaction on-line. It shows a White Mom (the actress is actually Jewish) and a Black Father.

Cheerios has become embroiled in a race row after it released a national television advert of an interracial family enjoying the oat-based breakfast cereal.

YouTube was forced to shut down the video’s comment board on its site after it was inundated with a torrent of racist abuse.

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  1. Scientifically speaking, you talk of "thousands of years"... and there is a flaw in your reasoning. Let assume the population of Canada would remain what it is, people mixed, but still it would not people of the south coming to the north. It would be the same population evolving in a given climate.

    I'm not sure I'm mistaking in assuming black people would slowly turn white. The higher up north you are, the whiter you get. Similarly, in your southern climates, overtime your skin would probably gets a bit darker. Skin colors do adapt to geographical conditions after all, it's not just transmitted, traits do evolve.

    I'm not sure how long it would take, but assuming humanity do exist for a very long time still. And if one consider how long the dinosaurs been around, we should be just at the start of our presence on this planet if we're lucky. In the "thousands of years" you speak of, I don't think races can become the brownish uniformity of Asian-European-African mixed ancestries, with dark eyes and hair. People in Sweden became that way because they have been there for thousands of years. I know it's more complicated than that... but I do believe that through evolution, even a black man would become a white man in Canada given a long period of time spent in that land. Same as a white man would become a black man given sufficient generations in Africa. South-Americans and Australians will also likely eventually become darker-skinned over the millenniums.

    I did read this once, now can I prove it... not really my specialty. But it does seem reasonable. There's also the theory that white people are mixed with the neanderthals exterminated by the homo sapiens as a competing species (at the top of the food chain). Which some theorize explain certain specific traits. This too could be plausible, if neanderthals could reproduce with homo sapiens that is. Anyway, it's not like the various sciences have come to firm conclusions on many of these things. How the races came to be, what are the differences, because it all became so taboo now that scientists don't dare do too much researches that could shatter what everybody knows. That races exist and there is differences, plenty of them physiologically easy to demonstrate. One can know the race of a skeleton, that should prove it's more than skin-deep... if it's down to the bone structure. Still, as I do believe in some of the theories of evolution, I do believe races as they are adapt to conditions of the land they inhabit. Of course, it's less obvious with AC in the summer and heating in the winter, still other factors comes in play. Like a man in Siberia have a much stronger resistance to cold than an Italian man. Our Inuits too up north... put them in Oklahoma and they'll hate it there. But if they stay in Oklahoma for tens of generations, they will adapt. So in the very long run, you can never have a uniform mixed-races, because each will eventually adapt to his environment. Unless we just turn into a world of perpetual nomads, living in Africa one generation, America another, Asia the next... Possible too, but I don't think that's how humans like to live in general, we're not permanent tourists. We build stuff in a given area for future generations, who we hope will stick around to build more stuff for ever further generations. Civilization is not a worldwide things. We are the world is for losers.

  2. Your youtube and blog achieve one very good outcome - they soak up the time of Leftards spilling bile into their keyboards.

    Well done.

  3. Most of what you have to say doesn't even deserve response, but I think your assertion that Obama asserts himself as black and not bi-racial, thus seeming somewhat ashamed of his white heritage, simply shows how obviously blind you are. I guess you didn't pay any attention is the last two elections because the Republicans and Democrats are just tyrants. GO RON PAUL! YAY LIBERTARIANISM...


  4. Being a biracial male myself and having a biracial daughter I was just curious about peoples views on biracial people. Especially with all the racial tension with the Martin case. All input is appreciated.