Monday, June 24, 2013

Coy Mathis - Six year old boy to use girls' bathroom at school

A sad story in Colorado. It seems that a mother with obvious emotional issues decided to raise her son, Coy Mathis, as a girl. The school initially refused to allow Coy to use the girls' restroom (he is a boy with a penis).  Mother Dearest became upset and with the help of the nice lawyer, Michael Silverman, sued the school. The school lost and now they are forced to put this little boy in the girls' bathroom.

Dressed in blue jeans with pink sneakers, and a sparkly tank-top, 6-year-old Coy Mathis quietly sat in front of a dozen or so TV news cameras before — her family hopes — wandering out of the limelight.

Read more: Coy Mathis' family celebrates civil rights win for transgender child - The Denver Post


That is the empowered Mother front and center. Dad is hiding in the back as another woman looks at him in disgust. How does a father allow a woman to molest his son in such a manner?

Some more Cultural Marxist propaganda:


  1. Ramzpaul...The woman in the back looking at the father in disgust is dude in a dress. I don't know why you think this is so bad, these people and their ridiculous ways are voluntarily removing themselves from the gene pool. It's cultural evolution at it's best. Promote the reproduction of the ones left over, you know the men who are men and women who are women.

  2. Thank God that Youtube won't let me watch the video from England.

    I think I may have kicked the f*cking screen in..It is child abuse. Simple.

    On the plus side, in the UK, the authorities are turning a blind eye to thousands of little muslim girls having clitorectomies, so as to reduce their sex drive, in the interests of cultural sensitivity and, er, Dhimmitude?

    Unnecessary really, as I cannot imagine any woman enjoying sex with a hairy Arab just home from a session with his toy boy.

    1. I had a problem watching you tube videos from the UK. I used this program called "anchor IP unblocker" and can now watch any video from around the world.

  3. Lisa - I think you might be right, that could be a guy.

    Another advantage is that years ago you had to pay money to see a freak show. Now it is free!

  4. Dear Ramz;

    You didn't reply when I posted this on your video, so I thought maybe you'd see it here.

    You seem to have this strange belief that transgenderism isn't real because you think it isn't. Scientists have essentially proven the hell out of transgenderism by showing that MRI scans of trans people correlate with the gender they believe they are:

    Here's my question; if Coy Mathis got an MRI showing she has a female-structured brain, would you apologize for your video?

  5. A little while ago I left a link where I provided scientific proof of transgenderism. It's not here now.