Monday, June 10, 2013

NSA and Edward Snowden - Leaving Las Vegas

Sad day in which a true patriot is chased out of the country for exposing high crimes.

A video about Palinka. It is a very strong drink.

Thank you! My favorite birthday gift.

Below is an interview with Nadia Comaneci. She defected from the Communist country of Romania. I have found that many Eastern Europeans are quite alarmed at what is happening in the USA and Britain. We are morphing into the new Soviet block.


  1. When you let anyone in the world become a US citizen, you probably half to spy on them constantly. Eventually there will half to be a political party that comes to grips with reality.

  2. A very large number of Eastern European immigrants in the UK pine for the USSR, and not without good reason. I suspect my name is held somewhere as someone who subscribed to Soviet magazines and newspapers, so you just ignore me as an English loony , huh ?