Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rachel Jeantel Testifies in George Zimmerman Trial

Rachel Jeantel was the star prosecution witness in the George Zimmerman Trial. However, she seemed somewhat confused and had trouble understanding what was happening. The lawyers seem to look at her like she was a mildly retarded four year old. However, she is a college student, so I am sure she is quite intelligent.

She claimed that Trayvon used a racial slur "creepy ass cracker". Then she said she fear Trayvon might be raped. Hmmmm... yeah.

Below is a vid where the defense asks her to read a deposition. It is my guess that she can't really understand the words and she starts to get agitated.



    I hope you got to see this!

  2. I wonder what is happening with the case where the black teen shot a little baby in the face and killed him?

    Seems like a much bigger story to me.

  3. Ramzpaul, I hope your next video is on the Millburn home invasion.

  4. She IS mildly retarded, and no one should have taken her seriously.