Saturday, June 22, 2013

Video Paula Deen should have made

I don't watch much TV so I had never heard of Paula Deen. But I guess she is (or was) a chef on the food network. Well, she was recently fired because she admitted to using the word "nigger". Specifically she referred to the black male who robbed her in 1986 as a nigger. This revelation was intolerable to to Food Network so they fired her.

Paula did the usual White grovel apology (see vid below). Of course, such apologies never work. They are simply seen as a weakness by the Cultural Marxists.

A better tactic is to expose their hypocrisy. Would Paula have been fired if she was not White? Of course not. Blacks frequently make slurs against Whites with no consequences. And it is hard to find a rap song that does not have the word "nigger" repeated a million times. So the double standard exists and needs to be exposed.

1 comment:

  1. She was robbed by a nigga.

    See how Chris Rock defines the term - it doesn't need apply to all blacks

    She should have stood her ground.