Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Woman arrested for the assault on ABC6 crew on assignment

My imaginary bi-racial friend (heh) sent me this link. She thought it was horrible and she even used a very naughty word. I thought it was hilarious.

ABC6 - Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA News, Weather


  1. First, was the video shown the whole footage of the encounter?
    "Reporters" aren't exactly the most human people. They only care about "the story" and sensationalize their speech to the point of antagonizing grieving victims/parents of crime.

    Second, I honestly wish it were a more common occurrence that these media-whores get ran off by any means necessary.
    Yes, the mother was definitely shy a couple dozen IQ points bellow normal; but, I couldn't help but laugh with a sinister sense of satisfaction seeing one of these ambulance chasing "reporters" getting nipped at by those dogs.

  2. the station should change their call letters to "TNB6"
    can you imagine the outrage if the white reporter had acted like the black person - throwing things at the black person & saying "dumb BLACK $#!&@!"
    there would be MUCH MORE REPERCUSSION. dat be's a double standard, yo!