Monday, July 15, 2013

"Check Your Privilege" - Portland Trayvon Rally

In Portland the usual suspects were venting their anti-White hate. If they hate "White Privilege" so much, then they should get away from White people. Easy fucking solution. If we are so evil and wicked why do they follow us everywhere?

Check Your White Privilege? Fuck that.


Below is a review of a Treyvon rally in Mississippi.


  1. I didn't watch the videos below yours, I am already too pissed over this shit. Good job, and spot on as usual Ramz.

    1. I could not watch the vids for exactly the same reason. Roll on economic collapse and back to survival of the fittest - see how these parasites make out.
      Yes, another great vid Ramz.

  2. One of your very best vids , top 5 , definitely

  3. She's a stupid twat who needs a kick right in her face, and this ramzpaul video is awesome. In fact that will always be my response to the white privilege thing, IF I hear it. None of the people who know me would say that around me but some loudmouth lib might and I will have a field day. I'm sick of this and I'm sick of all these irritating white people who seem to be everywhere, flagellating their white guilt all over the place like they personally shot Trayvon. It's sad when your own people disgust you so much, in the case of whites. Thank GOD I found the alternative right amren people etc. and of course ramz. I also love this guy Mike with the cigar, have listened to all his youtubes and I think he's brilliant. Makes a lot of sense, and has no fear of saying it. Remember to tell a white lib to go live among nonwhites and see how fast they do Ralph Kramden hummanahummanahummana