Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Conservatives make happier people

I am back!

Had a great time in Colorado. Here is a picture I took in Breckenridge:

The place really needs enrichment to become more vibrant.

Below is an article that states that Right Wing people are more happy. I can believe that. Conservatives tend to be happy people that accept reality. Marxists are always angry and bitter about life.

A true story -

When I was leaving Breckenridge, I swerved to miss a hitchhiker in Frisco (on the road to I-70). I swear to God it was Brother Nathaniel. I had no idea he lived in that area.

I regret that I did not stop and get a pic with him!


  1. Yes, PLEASE keep outraging the lefties!

  2. Ramz, if it helps why not do only a couple of shows a week or even one....but please don't stop.

  3. Just what I thought when I saw the pic. Not vibrant enough. Needs more people of colour and it'd be perfect.

  4. Funny, two of my regular watch on youtube. Too bad you didn't take a picture together. I'm almost certain he'd have recognized you.