Monday, July 1, 2013

Dear America - Police Shoot Dog in Hawthorne, Ca

This country has gone insane. We are no longer united. And it is only kept together via a government that is hostile, paranoid and dangerous.

The police shooting dogs has become quite common. (Warning... if you have only seen an animal die on TV, you may find this disturbing to see how creatures actually die when shot. It is not quick and pretty.)

Below is another link that details the government insanity. You now can be jailed for speech that you even claim AT THE TIME is just a joke. Based on this standard, actors could one day be arrested for playing the roles of villains. America is devolving into a weird and insane reign of terror.


  1. I have to support the police on this one RAMZ. The dog attacked the officer.

  2. Only after the police arrested the man without cause.

    It is technically legal to film the police in public. However, the police do not like it and they will usually beat the crap out of you and arrest you for "obstruction".

    Before our society became "enriched", the police would have just politely told the man to stand behind the barricade. But now all the police officers have the SWAT mentality. And they quickly escalate too many situations into gunfire.

  3. We don't know all the facts RAMZ. This guy on the corner has some history with the police. So much so that he actually took a beating from them in the past. I'm not sure this is a straight film the police and get arrested issue. I don't know what he said or if he was told to vacate the corner and didn't. You can be certain that the dog did attack the officer and I feel they were justified in defending themselves.

    I wish Mayberry style police forces would come back. I also know we have a population and culture that isn't anything like Mayberry. This is L.A. after all.

  4. Well, the desire for Mayberry is one of the reasons I am a Nationalist. Diverse countries always require the Police State.

    However, ideally the police should be held to the same standard as the rest of us. If I shot every stray dog that came up to me as I was walking, I would be out of bullets, and probably in jail. The police here don't take kindly with regular citizens shooting down dogs in public.

    But the police somehow get a permission slip to do anything under the guise of "officer safety". And this is not an isolated incident. It has almost become standard practice for the police to shoot pets on sight.

    A government gets into trouble when it starts to foster an "us" versus "them" mentality. And the government now looks at the majority of Americans as potential criminals and terrorists that require surveillance and harsh measures to keep in line.

    A dog shooting may seem silly. But snowballs thrown at British officers in Boston sparked the first American revolution. Videos such as these strike Americans on an emotional level.

  5. Diversity is good, diversity is a strength, diversity is what makes the middle east so peaceful! ~ Anti-Racist Hitler April 20, 2013