Saturday, July 13, 2013

KTVU Fires Executive Producer over Asiana Pilot Names

Can you take RAMZPAUL TWICE in a night?

Here was my original video for tonight.

The video below quickly went viral. Probably the most hilarious trolling I have ever seen. It shows that the mainstream media is simply a political tool that is utterly incompetent in reporting accurate news. Their focus on "diversity" makes it easy to troll them.

Here they still claim that it was not their fault (the NTSB told them the names of the pilots.) Their level of retardation is amazing. They had no way of knowing that Captain Sum Ting Wong and Wi Tu Lo were fake names.

Anyway. I got an e-mail (can't take credit for this) that claimed the Executive Producer, Lee Rosenthal, was fired and replaced with an Asian producer called Mr. Sum Nu Ju.


  1. A post on Korean pilot training:

  2. I guess no one can take a joke anymore. I mean come on lighten up people.