Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Conjuring - My True Story

I saw The Conjuring tonight. I saw it with my son as my daughter was too scared to go.

The movie was pretty good. But I think The Exorcist is still the classic.

The stories I told in this video are true. I know people won't believe me. But that is OK. It makes it scarier.

Here is a documentary about the case:


  1. Hey Ramz, did you hear about this:

    Korean woman "assaulted by Western men" at a bar in Seoul. Media made a big anti white-male deal about it until evidence surfaced that it was staged:

    Any thoughts about it?

  2. I saw that.

    Sadly, many Japanese and Koreans have been raped and murdered by our "youths". So while what the men did in that video was crude, it was not exactly life shattering. And I would not be surprised if it was staged. Many videos are now staged for publicity.