Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Women in Combat

For thousands of years women were excluded from combat. Why? Because everyone who has ever lived until now was fucking ignorant.

Since Star Trek (and other such TV shows, movies and commercials) we have learned that women are actually stronger than men.

For example, Tasha Yar was the HEAD security officer on the Starship Enterprise. It was demonstrated REPEATEDLY that she could kick the ass of even male Klingons.  So that is pretty much indisputable evidence that women can do just fine in combat.

Empowered Fighting Machine!

To address historical inequities of male privilege, White privilege, cis privilege and heteronormative privilege I propose that the US military should become 100% Gay and Female.

Officials from all military service branches told Congress today they can open combat positions to women by 2016 without lowering physical or performance standards.
Six months after the Pentagon announced it was lifting a ban on women serving in ground-combat units, military officials charged with implementing the policy said they’ve started the studies needed to make it work.


  1. I recall reading somewhere about women in combat in Israel. They basically screwed up the entire Yom Kippur War due to Israeli men trying excessively to protect them and being traumatized when they got butchered or captured by the enemy.

    As for them being captured, we can use our imagination as to what would happen to them versus their male comrades.

    No civilized country sends their women into combat except as a last resort. It's another way that the Marxists are using "DATS SEXISS" to furher corrode any harmony between men and women.

  2. Kingsley Browne wrote an interesting book about this theme: Co-ed combat

  3. Anything that weakens the military is a good thing. When the final conflict arrives, the military will not be on the side of the people - only on the side of those who pay their wages. Bring on those thin-lipped feminist babes! Bring on those gorgeous gays!

  4. You are such a nerd! Taking as a reference Startrack, animal instincts of men and periods of women is so fucked up way of thinking! Movies is not an improvement of better or worth ability of one gender to serve in the military in comparison with another gender. Animal instincts can not be suppressed by invoking masculism in women, and periods is not what makes women furious. Just go to free porn chat websites, man, you need it.