Saturday, July 13, 2013

Zimmerman found - NOT GUILTY!

If Trayvon had been White this would not have even gone to trial. The only reason this case went to trial was because Obama thought Trayvon looked like him.

This is why diversity is always a failure and never a strength. Self Determination is the answer.

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  1. "self-determination and separate places" ... South African whites got excoriated in the international media for (successfully) implementing this policy and was only forced to capitulate because of traitorous leaders and unprecedented international money-power intervention ... and NOW look at the multi-culti hellhole SA is becoming with the relentless butchering of Afrikaners placing them at stage 6 on

    An old "oom" (venerable elder) once prophesied to me: "you watch: one day the world will beat a path to our door asking our advice on how to implement apartheid in their own countries once the chickens come home to roost for them ..."
    Looks like it won't be much longer now, Oom!