Monday, August 5, 2013

Damsel in Distress - How Video Games exploit Women

Anita Sarkeesian is a feminist who warns people of the danger of video games. As a feminist she is perpetually angry about everything. And this includes 1980s video games such as Mario Brothers. It seems that Mario Brothers is a misogynist game designed to perpetuate the Patriarchy or some such thing. Personally, I just found it to be a fun game. But a feminist can always see politics in everything.

Her latest video was released on August 1, 2013. It is part of an epic series on the evils of video games.

Her rant on Mario Brothers starts at 11:15.


  1. Considering both this video and the prior video you did "WHITE GIRLZ" I can see a worrying trend occurring. You have white women behaving in an "empowered" fashion, which in turn drives off white men.

    Said white men then turn around and marry asian women, who are more socially conservative.

    Said white women then take that as justification for their beliefs (evil white man marries "asian doormat" so he can dominate her) which starts the cycle again.

    No matter how you look at it, the end result is always less white kids inflicting their white privilege on the world.

    When I see this girl doing a video like this, I am reminded of Ted Haggard. He's the guy who, after years of preaching about the evils of homosexuality and buttsexing, was found in a hotel with a gay stripper.

    I suspect Ms. Sarkeesian (what the hell kind of name is that?) is probably one of those girls who fantasizes about those evil misogynist right-wing men (a la, but has some kind of pride complex concerning chivalry and proper male behavior.

    It's funny when you consider that there has never been any civilization in history that was kinder to its women than European civilization, and that when our civilization crumbles, these same women will be regretting it bitterly.

  2. Miss Sarkeesian is a professional feminist. That is how she makes her living. So it is her job to find "sexism" in everything. How much of it she actually believes? I have no idea. I imagine that she *really* does not believe that Mario Brothers is sexist. But her shtick is attacking "misogyny" in video games.

    Feminists have attacked video games because that is an area that is primarily male. Television, movies, popular novels are now pretty much all female oriented.

    However, I don't think Miss Sarkeesian's will influence White men to marry Asians. She is more of a source of Internet ridicule. Hence why she does not allow ratings or comments on her videos. And, ironically, she frequently adopts the "damsel in distress" troupe when she receives negative comments. Much of her posture is that of the eternal victim. But I guess it works. People feel sorry for her and send her money.

    I never get angry at such people. I just laugh at them.

    1. I'm not talking about her in particular, but rather a trend that has formed among white women (and men) that has driven them away from one another. I'm in an upper middle class Ottawa suburb, and I'm not exaggerating when I say whenever there is a man with a child, there's a 4 our of 5 chance its a half-asian child. Maybe this isn't a representative sample, but this is what I've seen.

      The birth rate has also been driven down particularly among middle class whites. But I honestly don't think it's purely due to economic issues; we're still wealthier than most generations that came before us. It's a cultural issue.

      For example, over here we have a state-owned media abomination called the CBC (Communist Broadcasting Corporation). They just did a piece on "three-parent reproduction", where a doctor (Mr. Cohen) has developed a procedure to alter the mitochondrial genome of a fetus to allow for replacement of parts of the code. Ostensibly the argument is that this will allow us to screen for genetic diseases and cure them, but we both know what the implications of this are. It's another step closer to our orgy-porgy Brave New World.

  3. Anita $arkee$ian is a hack:

  4. Just as well she shut down her comments, after all I probably would have said something nasty about her being a hooked nosed kike. So well done to her for preventing that. Shalom Anita, shalom.

  5. Has anybody here read any of the works of Sigmund Freud or his disciple Karl Abraham or any of his other disciples for that matter? This woman is a classic case of an unresolved female castration complex as described by Freud in his work. Her talk of disempowerment of women is clearly a conscious expression of the unconscious feeling of being castrated due to not possessing a penis, women initially believing that they are born with a penis but it has been cut off; possibly as some form of punishment. The Freudian theory says that this is one of the stages that has to be passed through in the development of the female libido to reach maturity. Obviously this female is still stuck in this immature stage & has failed to develop properly.
    When I first read these theories I didn't believe them, but a friend of mine, from observations of his own young children told me that he believed them to be true: the wish for a penis in the female really exists!
    No doubt our female friend above is probably familiar with these theories & dismisses them as old-fashioned, sexist & misogynistic!