Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Elysium: Pro Immigration Propaganda?

Many conservatives claim that the new Hollywood movie, Elysium,  is pro-immigration propaganda. After watching the movie, I believe that is quite the opposite. Elysium is more of a warning of the results of eliminating borders.

The movie is based 100 years in the future. The hero, Max, lives in Los Angeles which is now primarily Mexican and a sprawling slum. Graffiti, crime and filth are the norm. Spanish is the predominate language. The United States has been reduced to Third World conditions.

So the Marxist goal of eliminating borders has been realized. But this did not lead to the happy diversity land that was promised. Diversity did not enrich American  - it impoverished the country.

And the film shows that White Flight has resulted in the majority Whites leaving the planet to a space station called Elysium. However, it should be noted that this new society is not some sort of White Nationalism utopia. A few token Asians and Africans are seen on the space station (and the President of Elysium is Indian). But the place has a feel of an affluent White neighborhood. Only English is heard to be spoken.

Of course, now that borders have been eliminated on Earth, the people on Earth are desperate to immigrate to Elysium. Because it seems the people on Earth lack the intelligence and ability to create the technology that is found on Elysium.

The chief defense minister of Elysium (played by Jodie Foster) makes a plea to the President that it is important to stop the illegal immigration if they are to preserve their heritage and self-determination. As the President of Elysium is concerned about human right violations, he is opposed to aggressive enforcement. This leads the Jodie Foster character to note that he would care more about the future if he had children.

In the end, the Elysium border fails (just as what is implied happened years ago in the USA) and the hordes invade the space station and loot the goodies. Because the protagonist of the movie led this destruction of  Elysium, many people have assumed that the movie is sympathetic to immigration. But I believe that this was just the thin cover to get by the Hollywood censors and receive the necessary funding.


  1. Read this to get the movie... The director is South-African :)

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  3. Paleolibertarian Bob Wallace also agrees with you:

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  5. District nine had a similar message, if you think about it. Yes, apartied is bad, medical experimentation is bad, multinational corporations are bad, but the prawns really did lack the intelligence and even the desire to act like the civilized humans.