Monday, September 2, 2013

3 x 4 = 12

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” 
― George Orwell, 1984

When I first read 1984 as a kid, I must admit that I did not understand this quote. But over the years I have realized this is the core concept of freedom. Freedom is being able to state what is true and what is real. If we can no longer speak the truth because of religious or ideological constraints, then we are no longer free. As such, conservatives are not the enemy of the Left - reality is the enemy,

The entire ideology of Cultural Marxism is based on lies. And the Left can only maintain these lies through terror and fear.

If you said 11 — or, hell, if you said 7, pi, or infinity squared — that’s just fine under the Common Core, the new national curriculum that the Obama administration will impose on American public school students this fall.

In a pretty amazing YouTube video, Amanda August, a curriculum coordinator in a suburb of Chicago called Grayslake, explains that getting the right answer in math just doesn’t matter as long as kids can explain the necessarily faulty reasoning they used to get to that wrong answer.

“I’m not sure Paul is sure who he is trying to appeal to. It looks like he’s still trying to figure it out. It’s clear, though, he’s trying to conform much more to the Jared Taylor style. And if anyone is paying close attention, I don’t think there is any doubt that Taylor’s methods and approach are the most effective and dangerous.”
Tim Wise on RAMZPAUL

Tim - I am appealing to people who are brave enough to admit 3 X 4 = 12. And you are right - that makes me quite dangerous.

Below is a video when I pondered that question. What would happen if I started to say 3 X 4 = 12? What happened? It transformed me.

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  1. OK, So I've only seen the 43 second clip, but I'm not sure if I agree with you on this one.

    It seems as though while she is saying that it's OK that the answer given was 11 that the actual motive is to ensure that the process is good. As though the student just screwed up at the last bit. from 37 sec's on wards is what leads me to my view when she says that the answer is 12 and speaks about the student knowing that.