Monday, September 30, 2013

Weatherman has an emotional breakdown

The man below is is an example of an "emotional slut".

Definition of a slut: a girl who gives up sex quickly and indiscriminately

Definition of an emotional slut - a man who expresses his feelings quickly and indiscriminately

A meteorologist who has covered weather for the Wall Street Journal tweeted that he has decided not to have children in order to leave a lighter carbon footprint, and is considering having a vasectomy.
He also vowed to stop flying after the world's recent climate-change report made him cry.

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RAMZPAUL look alike with a British accent?

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  1. I think a lot of the excessive emotionality amongst men today can be traced to the breakdown of the family unit beginning in the 60s until today. All that early instability (and often lack of strong father figures) results in the blubbering silliness you see today. Combine it with the rise of feminism and the masculinization of women (and the same processes acting on women though in a different way) you have really screwed up gender relations.

    If you look at southern Europe (i.e. Catholic Europe) they don't have anything like the problems northern Europe (Protestant) has concerning teenage promiscuity, divorce, lack of marriage and illegitimate births. This is probably because the strong traditionalism limited the spread and damage of feminism and man-hate, as you had said.