Monday, September 23, 2013

When Feminists hold a Science Fiction Conference

Feminists have decided to hold their own science fiction convention. I suppose a "feminist" science fiction convention is where angry women get together and talk about their vaginas and bitch about men.

But it turns out that these "progressives" have also instituted official racial segregation. Yes, these empowered women have decided to establish something called a "POC Safer Space".  "POC" stands for Person of Color. And these Marxist progressives have created a room that is off limits to Whites.  How progressive!

Here is a link to the Feminist Convention that is implementing racial segregation (in violation of multiple Federal laws).

K. Tempest Bradford is the WisCon concom liaison and organizer for the POC Safer Space. (I suppose that role is similar to that of the old Soviet Political Commissar).

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  1. I posted on this topic here. Glad to see everyone spreading the word!

  2. I recall an old Encyclopedia Dramatica article about a prior WisCon in 2008, where a blogger on SomethingAwful attended and took pictures of all the land-whales, fairies and other assorted freaks present. Very fat-acceptance, very pro-faggotry, and very anti-white male (what else is new).

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