Saturday, October 19, 2013

ABC 20/20 - 'Manosphere'

ABC news hired a a couple of feminists to investigate the "manosphere". The over the top bias would make Pravda blush in the old Soviet Union.The propaganda is becoming so silly that people are laughing at the result.

Deep in the underbelly of the Internet is a hidden corner known as the "Manosphere"— a collection of websites, Facebook pages and chat rooms where men vent their rage and spew anti-women rhetoric.

Protected by the anonymity of the Internet, men feel free to post hateful and violent comments.

Below is ABC's promo video.

Look at the pained expression of the reporterette at 0:47. That is staged and deliberate. And quite funny when you realize that it is staged and planned.


  1. Great advice on never agreeing to an edited interview.

  2. I have now done 40 videos and am closing on 50. these videos use comedy to answer the statment if I only knew then what I know now? I am trying to educate the next generation with these videos using humor and a little older male philosophy

  3. Interesting topic, I knew that prejudice is a bitch and it grows rapidly when you spill it in a bigger open society community. But, hey, isn't it the same old problem of education? If you are educated enough you are smart enough to resist a stupid idea of manosphere. On the other hand, you should clearly distinguish those nonsense fake profeminists quotations against men with real ones. Feminists do aware that not all of the men are a rapist but men, in general, are the only gender that has unique and the biggest previligious in this world - power. I mean masculine power, first of all. And that is why women start that movement. Well, I hope there are no stupid men on this blog that include themselves to a men=repist band, same as there are no women that reasonably judge any man for their own dumbness. And lost but not least, if you want to be a part of some really strong community but you are not sure where to direct all your energy, better go to Read. It's safe for people that surround you.