Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Matt Schaub Stalked at Home

As someone who has been stalked, I found this story to be interesting:

 A source close to law enforcement told The Fred and Ted Show late Tuesday evening that Houston Police were contacted by the NFL after fans approached Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub at his home and berated him for his recent poor play.


  1. I'm sorry you've been stalked, it's very scary. Both my sister and I have been stalked and it is hard to deal with on many levels.

  2. 99% of people are cool. But there is always that 1%.

  3. Until I watched this video, I had never heard of Matt Schaub.

    I love to PLAY football, but watching it on television is boring, and puts me to sleep.

    Besides, the teams are mostly negro, and don't really represent me, their college, or the community that is paying them.

    I enjoy telephoning a girl and asking her, "Why are you stalking me?", and then I follow that question with, "Why AREN'T you stalking me?"