Monday, November 11, 2013

Is Craig Cobb, White Movement Leader, Black?

One of the reasons I am not a White Nationalist is that I reject the 100% racial purity argument. I have often been told that the "one drop" rule is a requirement. (Many modern White Nationalists have a racial purity standard higher than was set by the Hitler and the National Socialists.)

Of course, the logic in the article below is fallacious. It assume that because there is no racial purity, race does not exist. That would be like claiming breeds of dogs don't exist because they all have wolf ancestry in their DNA.

A white supremacist behind an initiative to turn a North Dakota town into a "white enclave" received some shocking news -- he's not 100 percent white.

Craig Cobb, a 62-year-old man who has aimed to start a community for white supremacists and neo-Nazis, received some news that he wasn't too happy about, although we must admit, it gave us quite a chuckle.


  1. Whenever I read a nominal pro-white utter the great sanctifying qualifier: I am not a white nationalist because... I know I am about to be treated to some precious caviling that can be more accurately translated into: Please don't treat me like those other people. I want to be respectable!

    Whatever philosophy of race you, RamzPaul, find palatable is irrelevant. It is what your adversaries believe that should motivate your actions. And to them you are White. Whether 89 or 98% so will be for the machete blade to consider.

    I don't have the faintest idea what racial percentage are either of us. But if our children are going to avoid re-learning the lessons taught the white Haitians, the Pied Noirs, and soon enough the Boers, then we would be well advised to ponder such topics from within our own safe environs.

    1. Excellent response and one we should take note of.

  2. What exactly did they test? Autosomal DNA, mt-DNA or y-DNA haplo groups? As a commenter to the article says: if pres. Obama were to take a mitochondrial DNA test he would turn out to be 100% European (his mother).

  3. It seems to me that many people (including RamZpaul) are overly impressed with the test-result without knowing exactly what it is.

    There is a common tendency to conflate Berber (White) ancestry with Negro ancestry so as to exaggerate the presence of Negroes in ancient civilizations. In 2010, the fact that Adolf Hitler carried a y-chromosome that is prevalent among Africans of Berber ancestry (and also common in the Balkans) was absurdly used to insinuate that Hitler was part-Negro.

    The term "subsaharan" that was used in the Trisha show is a geographic term, not a racial term. I am totally unimpressed by such a claim without knowing exactly what it is supposed to mean.

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  5. Oh man, OWNED!!! That was awesome. Though, why did he agree to an interview? He should have foreseen something like that happening. All those lame day time talk shows go for some stupid big reveal.

  6. Here is a fuller statement of my view.

  7. I challenge all you Supremacist to test your own Blood the results might shock you. One Drop of black blood means you are black!

  8. I have followed the fortunes of Craig Cobb on and off for a number of years. One thing about him that nobody could possibly deny is his courage. The man is absolutely without fear. Whether he is facing down angry and violent blacks, or single-handedly addressing a crowd of baying white liberals - Cobb takes it all in his stride. Most people are brave only behind a keyboard - Craig Cobb cannot hear the sound of gunfire without wanting to run towards it.

  9. The above attempt was ludicrous and unscientific. A similiar attempt was made against James Watson claiming that a DNA test certified him as being 16 per cent black. A female scientist at the time pointed out that if that test's methodology was correct then one would have to assume that James Watson was a woman, which was laughable. Similiarly, here, the man is unquestionably not part black given his appearance.

    In an exclusive interview with the DailyMail, Cobb said he agreed to the show's test because "I assumed it was science," but was upset to find that it was actually the product of "craven and debased executives," whose "goal is to shock" and "promote multiculturalism."