Saturday, November 23, 2013

Knockout Game Girl Defends Attackers

Knockout game is a new trend where gangs of Blacks attack typically weak people (such as old men or women) for fun and amusement. What is interesting is a case in which the victim, Phoebe Connolly, made excuses and defended her attackers.

What is fascinating is to observe how a typical feminist will have zero tolerance and go to great lengths to destroy harmless "nice guys" who should happen to utter a remark that she should find offensive.  A classic example was the feminist who attended a tech conference and overheard two geeky guys made a joke about a dongle. She proceeded to do everything in her power to destroy these harmless men. And, yet, when a feminist should encounter real violence from men, she typical will go to great lengths to defend such men.

Four years ago I did a video based on a Dutch feminist reporter who went to Afghanistan. She was captured by the Taliban and repeatedly raped. And, yet, when she was freed she defended her rapists and blamed the nice guys who rescued her.

My vid from 4 years ago:

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