Monday, November 18, 2013

Man Slaps Ex-Girlfriend With $200,000 Bill

A story from Down Under. It seems an Australian man spent $200,000 dollars in courting a woman for four years. He spent money on her dance lessons, her kid's dentist appointments and even her breast augmentation. When he finally proposed, she turned him down. She told him had no idea that they were dating. Ouch.

Boy meets girl. Boys asks girl to marry him. Girls says no. Boys sends girl $200,000 breakup bill.

At least that's what happened in Australia when 65-year-old Bruce Dusting proposed to 42-year-old single mom Marie Lacombe and she shot him down. After the rejection, Dusting sent Lacombe a $200,000 bill accounting for every dime he spent on her during their alleged four-year courtship, as reported by A Current Affair in Australia.

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  1. Put another shrimp on the barby! Poor guy...but wtf was he doing? I hate to say he had it coming, but he had it coming...

    That Santa joke was wicked! Too soon, man!