Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The White Bruins [Spoken Word] - RAMZPAUL

A video has gone viral complaining that UCLA lacks African Americans. I am OK with affirmative action for academics. But we should also have it for sports.

Look at the UCLA football roster. Not many White faces. Something needs to change. This is obviously a pattern of HATE and RACISM.

As an African American Bruin that attended UCLA during the first year after affirmative action was removed from the admission process, I felt compelled to further the message of the powerful video released by current male African American UCLA student Sy Stokes. In reading comments & replies to his controversial video the recurring theme was a discussion of individual merit, and how a lack of grades is the reason we have seen black males disappear from UCLA.


  1. Okay, quick question: Why did they have an Asian guy narrate it?

  2. Hans, who do you think did the math?

  3. First, it was the overrated fat turd Oafie Winfrey telling the good white people of Europe what they should do and how they should act while she was trying to sell her sorry junk to them, now these negros are whining because the universe doesn't really revolve around them. MOVE TO AFRICA! Problems then solved and everyone is happy

  4. When will these people learn that the color of skin doesn't matter. What does it matter if so called "blacks" make up a tiny percentage of UCLA? We are all humans.Race is just a social construct so you can't even say that "blacks" make up a small percentage because so called "black people" don't even exist, it's just a meaningless classification made up by capitalist land barons to divide the proletariat against each other. So these myn should learn to be less focus on skin color and more focus on unity with their fellow humyn beings!