Wednesday, December 25, 2013

23andMe and Social Constructs

23andMe, the Google-backed personal genetics company, said it would no longer offer health-related results from its genetic tests to customers after a recent warning from federal regulators.,0,3527340.story#axzz2oXcAjEwJ

Israel looking to conduct DNA testing on immigrants


  1. Excelent video. Race is a social construct unless you are a Jew. If you are, race exists and you have the right to have your Jewish nation to preserve the Jewish race and nation.

    I linked this on your video comments:


    1. Why is race a social construct unless you are a Jew? Clearly it's not a social construct. Scientists can know with virtual certainty which race you belong to just by looking at your DNA. Is DNA a construct? Black children are born two weeks before Japanese babies. Black people have more testosterone in their bodies, which is probably why they are so good at sport. Is this ability a social construct too?

    2. It is called sarcasm, my friend.

    3. Sarcasm only works if you make it clear that it is sarcasm. The fact that you know it isn't enough. Besides, after going to the link you provided it seems to me that you are having a go at Jews who see themselves as a distinct race. Is this what you believe or not - or was it more sarcasm?

    4. I think it's quite obvious that it is sarcasm, joder. It's not so difficult to spot it. Maybe your sarcasm detector is broken, but I'll explain it to you.

      If I praise Ramzpaul for his video in the first phrase, I can't be defending Jewish's double standards in the second, because it would be contradictory.

      And, secondly, in the link I posted, Mark Green slams Tim Wise because of his double standards criticizing "white privilege" while he remains silent about Israel's racist and xenophobic policies.

      And the tone. Don not forget the tone of the message.

    5. Sorry, you're going to have to explain this to me:

      "Race is a social construct unless you are a Jew."

      Ramzpaul is not a Jew yet he doesn't think that race is a social construction. I'm not a Jew and I don't think race is a social construction. So please explain the above sentence. Joder, macho. Verdammt noch mal.

    6. If you can't see irony or sarcasm in that phrase, then buy a sarcasm detector. I'm tired of this absurd conversation.


    7. Oh god, was it not OBVIOUSLY sarcasm?

  2. See you next year! Bwa! Ha! Ha! Ha!


  3. Ramzpaul,

    I like your idea of showing race deniers the kind of daft beliefs that denial of race leads to e.g. Holocaust denial. However, these people have a get-out clause, namely, that some people, like Hitler, falsely believed that there were races and this false belief led Hitler him to kill 6 million people with big noses and names like Goldstein, imaging that such features make a race. Not even race deniers deny that black people are black or that Jewish people have certain features. They just don't think these 'trivial details' make a race.

  4. RAMZ, just an anonymous thanks and best wishes for the new year. Keep up the great work. Well, the great fun!

    Yo, thanks for the link.