Monday, December 23, 2013

Cracker Barrel Christmas Miracle

Amazing what can happen when a man stands and refuses to grovel to the Cathedral.

Cracker Barrel has heeded to an old adage: The customer is always right.
Late Sunday, the Tennessee-based restaurant chain, which has 625 locations in 42 states, reversed course and said it would resume selling "Duck Dynasty" merchandise.,0,480592.story#ixzz2oMzl6A7g

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  1. A day I never expected, but one I'm very grateful for. If I were a church-going guy, I would say God is standing between Phil and his enemies for defending his faith.

  2. It's a very small start, but who knows - the silent majority may find the courage to stand up and make some noise and finally put our ruling elite in it's proper place.

    Anyhoo - a very Happy Christmas to you, RAMZPAUL and all your family - and many thanks for providing a small corner of the net where we bigots and haters can gather and revel in being right.