Saturday, December 7, 2013

Necklacing Nancy - A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

We at RAMZPAUL offer our sincere condolences concerning the death of the greatest person to have ever lived - Nelson Mandela. To help preserve his memory, we are offering a limited edition of the doll - Necklacing Nancy. This doll will help to commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela.

Below is one of Mandela's favorite songs. With clenched fist he chants for the death of Whites.


  1. I was looking forward to you covering this, you did not disappoint! :-)
    It's actually pretty sad how many conservatives are mourning this commie terrorist and celebrating his life when he committed and advocated monstrous atrocities.

  2. Here's an article on Genocide Watch that details what is really happening in South Africa, since the end of Apartheid, thanks to "leaders?" like Mandela.,_where_corruption_is_normal.pdf

    A quote from the article resembles events happening in America today.
    Taking power from the white man, as it turned out, did not automatically result in utopia. Passing laws forbidding companies from hiring whites did not solve black unemployment. Legislating higher minimum wages did not make people wealthier. Forcing companies to become black-owned did not magically create a better, fairer economy. Promising free houses to the masses did not fix homelessness. More welfare, it turned out, led to more single parenthood, more fatherless families and more poverty. Requiring schools to hire black teachers first, regardless of qualifications, did not improve the quality of education. Mandating black police forces did not reduce crime. Black law enforcement did not decrease exploitation. In many cases, the new laws have made things worse.

  3. Necklacing, in proper form, is exactly what it implies: around the neck, not the arm.

    1. You're right. Though to be fair to Ramz, it doesn't look like the little tyre used in his demo would go over the doll's head. Maybe Ramz's technique could be called 'braceletting'. If the fragrant Winnie ever gets to learn of this new and exciting adaptation, the world will know who to blame.

  4. South Africa is an extremely fascinating example we can look to when we want to know how our world will turn out in the next 50 years. Brazil, South Africa, Mexico, amongst others, where you have a small white ruling class in constant conflict with the black or mestizo majority while holding together the country's infrastructure.

    Since the end of apartheid you have rolling blackouts across SA, rape is so common that a woman is more likely to be raped than to graduate, massive AIDS epidemic, unbelievable violence and a thoroughly corrupt government and all associated entities (police, courts etc).