Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Nelson Mandela and Word of Warcraft spying

The African sign language interrupter was inspiring at Nelson Mandela's funeral. Pretty much a symbol of the Continent.

Meanwhile, the United States government spends millions of dollars to spy on people playing World of Warcraft. Hundreds of agents spent their days playing a game in search of "terrorism". Rumor has it they next plan to spend thousands of hours looking at Japanese Pr0n for any signs of terrorist activity.


  1. Hehehehe!!! One of your best dear Ramzie (not in a gay way) . Keep it up man you are really needed in this sick world!!

    I couldn't stand it anymore in the mekka of political correctness, Sweden, so I and a colleague emigrated to the only real democracy in the world, Switzerland, for 11 years ago and we will never move back.

    A hot tip; Check out what's going on in the mainstream media in Sweden right now as I write!

    One of the biggest evening daily papers have hacked the Disqus member register (comment service) of all "racist" and "hate speech" users on several alternative media sites, and are now actively tracking down and "visiting" them in their homes with camera teams!! They are also posting collages with their unpixeled faces, profession, employer, and where they live and hanging them in public as nazis, racists.

    Then on top of this they are contacting their employers and publish the interviews as well to get them fired and ruin their lives.

    That's today's Sweden in your face! A good starting point is the Swedish anti-Swedish daily press, Expressen:

    Unfortunately in Swedish but I'm sure you can dig out English material. The world is truly sick!

    Take care and never bend! /Marcus

    1. Oh and btw. They now have 6400 user id's registered. Normal Swedes who don't really appreciate Sweden turning into a Swedistan ghetto.

      The DDR Stasi's wet dream. Decpite this, the Swedish Democrat party is rising in every poll.
      They are fighting a losing war but it's one damn ugly political war.
      Sweden already have the most generous asylum system in the world and it's only getting sicker for every day. Did you for example know that Sweden, a small (and at that time still a rich nation) of onl8 9 million, took in more iraqi refugees than the US ???
      Sweden is lost.... Sad but true.

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