Monday, December 2, 2013

Race Card Project at the University of Oregon

Have you heard of the race card project? It is the brain child of NPR's Michele Norris. The project is to write a sentence about race that is six words on card.

Remind me of a quote from the movie Spinal Tap - It's such a fine line between clever and stupid.

Black man interrogated. White mom ignored,” McKenzie Messer. “I don’t exist for your curiosity,” Gordon Nagayama Hall. “Where are you from? No. Really?” Alisa Caban.

NPR special correspondent Michele Norris’ The Race Card project asks people to explore their thoughts about race, ethnicity and cultural identity in six words. Norris has been collecting these stories for three years and some have been heard, and the longer stories behind them told, on public radio’s Morning Edition. Norris brings these stories to the University of Oregon on Nov. 13 and is asking Oregonians for their six-word stories.


  1. Very good, the Thomas Sowell line was a lol moment :-)
    I'm still refusing to join my YT channel with my Google + account so I can only comment here now.
    I guess Google is the Obamacare of online companies ~ "Our product is so awesome, we promise you'll love it! But we're still going to force it upon you!"

    1. You don't have to join them. That was the case before but I just realized that I could disconnect google from YT so I did and now have 2 separate accs. Check the settings on YT, it works :)

      "I do definitely not respect arabs" There is my race card.