Monday, December 9, 2013

The Dark Enlightenment

A sandwich shop owner endured eight hours of questioning by police and had his computer seized for three weeks – after making tasteless Nelson Mandela jokes on the internet.

Dark Enlightenment explained:

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  1. Aristocracy? You want the Clintons and Carters and Gores and Bushes and Kennedy clan to have actual titles, not just grotesque advantages in getting into good schools and businesses and government? You want the Pells and Chafees to not even have to bother to ask for out votes? If nothing else, it provides a small, but satisfying, humiliation for these twits to at least have to pretend that they think they're no better than the rest of us.

  2. I have trodden the same path as Ramz and come to the exact same conclusion - that contrary to all modern thought, a monarchy is actually more representative of the majority Will than a 'democracy' can ever be.
    'Leaders' like Clinton, Blair, or Bush did not get to the top through political/evolutionary struggle - they got where they are by being chosen as compliant front-men by the people with the real power - the hidden oligarchy - who are not subject to the one-man one-vote farce (I think we can agree on who this oligarchy are).
    In a more representative system, dross like Blair or Gore or the dusky one could never rise to the surface.

  3. I agree with you, I really liked your article on the 19th Amendment on The Spearhead, I do vote - hopefully my vote cancels out a feminists vote at the very least.
    You're very correct about the Monarchy (of mankind so to speak) as well, unfortunately, unless we do break off and form a new nation, it probably won't come about, in our life time at least.
    Thanks for the links too, very interesting!

  4. What about a meritocracy? If you have things like royal lineages, it's luck of the draw whether or not your rulers are any good. At least in a meritocracy there would be some class mobility, so that the cream can naturally rise to the top. I think I'd rather have a Platonic republic actually, but I can't imagine something as bizarre as that actually coming pass...

    1. We have that. The best crooks have all risen to the top. They hold all the big banks, the MSM, Hollywood, and are the gate keepers in government. There is no place for honest men. This situation is baked into the system and cannot be changed.

      A lottery for all government positions would be better than what we have now. Do you doubt that having Gilligan as president or Gomer Pyle as Secretary of State would really worse than what we have now?

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    3. The last emperor of Russia was not a "cream of the crop" man in himself and his successor was a hemophiliac, and look what happened to Russia after that. However, most of the events leading to Russia's demise was out of his control. Jacob Schiff was blocking loans to Russia and giving loans to the Japs leading to Russia's loss against the Japs leading a lack of respect of the Russian Monarchy and Aristocracy. And, Mr. Schiff was funding his conspiratorial clansmen with billions of dollars in today's money to take advantage of the Russian new lack of respect for the monarchy and their less developed economy.

  5. Like RamZPaul, I have gone through the liberal, conservative, libertarian phases. I had started looking favorably on monarchy a few years ago after reading some Hans Herman Hoppe. The system we have now is a giant scam. These thieves are not aristocrats in any historic sense, nor is Obanana a legitimate king, far from it. He is just a banana republic dictator, if even that.

    These "elite" goons in our government are merely agents of the merchant class, which in a proper monarchy type government (I like the well-functioning middle ages type of local, distributed goverments) should not be able to manipulate votes like they do today. The people running our government are all liars and thieves, stealing everything they can. They have no long run commitment to the people or the land, being foreigners to it.