Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Manifesto of Manuel Half

Hollywood (and the usual suspects) has been promoting the idea that a "gay family" is just as healthy, if not healthier, that a family that has a Father and a Mother. And to be opposed to the idea of Johnny having two daddies is a bigoted and hateful opinion.

The video below preaches "tolerance". Of course, I somewhat doubt that the makers of this video have any "tolerance" towards anyone who would dare disagree with their agenda.

One of the keys goals of Cultural Marxism was the destruction of the traditional family. (The State considers the family and religion to be a threat.)


A group in France called Hommen opposes gay marriage and adoption. Hommen was created to opposed George Soros funded group called Femen.  Unlike a typical boring conservative group, this organization engages in street activism. They mock the topless antics of Femen by engaging in similar protests.

A European teenage boy who was raised by a homosexual father penned a manifesto to Hommen. The entire text can be found here:

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