Saturday, December 14, 2013

What is Santa's Race?

Controversy erupted this week in America concerning Santa Claus' race. It started with an African-American writing for Slate claiming that Santa should be transformed into a Black penguin.

The author, Alsha Harris, took the Nationalist position that she can not relate to anyone of another race. And imagining Santa as White caused her much emotional damage as a child.

The White Santa

Her proposal for the new Santa

This story was a subject of a Fox News debate in which Megyn Kelly claimed that Santa is White.

This created an uproar among the politically correct crowd. Could Megyn Kelly be initiating another Holocaust?

As such I decided to investigate the real racial heritage of Santa Claus. Based on my research I am convinced that Santa was of the Ainu tribe found in northern Japan. The Ainu have white skin and frequently have blue eyes. They are a hairy people with long beards. The live in the cold with reindeer. And the Japanese are known for their mass toy production. I think the evidence is clear.

Looks like Santa to me


  1. Really, who gives a damb what Santa is depicted as to the various ethnicities and races of Christians. This is just another way the Chosenites are making Whitey out to b some evil monster with a fabricated conflict. Modern day "Santa" is a fictional character based on a real person. Doesn't MSM do this all the time?

    As far as the real St. Nicholas is concerned, it's funny how MSM always presents a person of the past as being identical genetically to those who inhabit the same geographical area today. They depict Saint Nicholas as looking like a Turk. But, at the time St. Nicholas was in Anatolia there were NO Turks. Just look at the archeological frescos, paintings, sculptures, and literature of the time. The ancient Greeks were a mixture of black, brown, blonde, and red haired people. Many had blue eyes. The ancient Armenians of that time period were known for being blonde/red haired and blue eyed.
    But, as the Marxists methodology goes, "never let facts get in the way of a good argument".

    Other common bs depictions of historical figures within MSM:
    - Alexander the Great is presented as a dark haired, dark eyed, olive skinned man. But, in reality he was blonde (or reddish blonde) with blue eyes.
    - Ramsey the Great is presented as looking dark skinned, dark eyed, and black haired. Yet, in reality he was red haired and most likely blue eyed.
    Pretty soon, MSM will have a documentary on Vikings depicted as Black Africans and Arabs because that's what Scandinavia will look like in the near future.

  2. Saint Nicholas existed, he wasn't a youth, just saying. lol.