Monday, January 27, 2014

Chuck Schumer: Nationalism for Me, Not for Thee

Chuck Schumer (D-NY) believes that conservatives are opposed to amnesty because they don't want America to become "less white." This is obviously wicked. Yet, strangely, Schumer has supported a Bill that requires the USA to safe guard Israel as an ethnically Jewish state.

I suppose that noticing this hypocrisy would be classified as "Hate".

Israeli Nationalism = Good
American Nationalism = Evil


  1. One can't help but notice - same old shit, different Jew.
    Considering most White Europeans are the only demographic group that worship at the alter of Jewish supremacy, what the hell are the Jewish leaders thinking?

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  3. Schumer and his tribe supports anything that makes Jews richer and more powerful.

    Jews support more diversity(in America but not in Israel) because it means the Jewish elite gets to play divide and rule among the increasingly fractured gentiles.

    While Jews attack white gentiles and ascribe sinister motives to them, white gentiles are full of nothing but praise for Jews. Such suckers.



    You should get this book and 'read' it on your video to hava nagilah.

    Btw, if a book mentioned Ukrainian Slavic Christians 5 million timesKilled by Stalin and Jewish communists), do you think New York Times would have ran it a cover story?

  5. WWG--world war gay--against Russia is really a war on white America lest white Americans ask, like Buchanan, "Is Putin one of us?"

    In the 90s, Jewish oligarchs came close to taking over Russia and gaining control of most of the assets, buying up the politicians, and controlling the media.

    Putin and nationalists took control and have been promoting Russian nationalism and tradition rooted in Christianity. Russian whites don't believe their lot is to serve the interest of NY globalists.

    Well, what if the Putin bug spreads to white Americans?

    So, the Liberal Jewish establishment and the neocon Zionists in the GOP work overtime to fool white Americans that the 'gay rainbow' is the new red, white, and blue and that the fruitcake is the new American-as-apple-pie.

    Alinskyism. Wrap the homo-globalist agenda pushed by the elites as the new patriotism.

    It may work. After all, even white conservatives care more about Israel than their national/racial/cultural interests.

    Fact: Jewish communists worked with Stalin to destroy 50,000 Russian churches and to kill over 10 million Slavic Christians. And yet, Jews feel no guilt and instead promote the pussy riot to defile the Russian church once again. Jews are a shameless bunch.

    PS. While Putin is a gangster, he does love Mother Russia. Jews only see white gentiles as their servants. They use the homo agenda around the world to weaken national cultures so that Jewish globalist power can take over. Homo agenda is the ramming rod of Jewish power. Sappy white Americans bend over to this power, including the people at National Review. Russians are the 'bad guys' according to the Jewish-controlled US media because they still have pride in their culture and values.

  6. Jews would not end up ruling increasing fractured gentiles. As has been the case for 2000 years they will be kicked out (over 100 times) or killed in pogroms. Do they really think flooding the country with Muslims, Asians and blacks is going to help them? Politically they are the dumbest people in the world, which is why they've never had a country that worked. Without the U.S.'s help Israel would have been overrun. And in the long run, it still will be.

    1. Not sure that I agree. In all the historical cases occurred in countries that were for the most part unified, White and Christian. The flooding of White Christian lands with incompatible immigrants means that we're on a totally different battlefield - and it IS a battlefield. Whites will soon be in a minority in America, and demography is destiny. That's why I'm doubtful about your prediction.

  7. He can't spend time building walls on America's borders because he has been called to build them around Israel instead. As Chuck says, Hashem told him to do it:

    "You know, my name .... comes from the word shomer, guardian, watcher. My ancestors were guardians of the ghetto wall in Chortkov. And I believe Hashem actually gave me that name. One of my roles, very important in the United States senate, is to be a shomer — to be a or the shomer Yisrael. And I will continue to be that with every bone in my body ... "

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  9. Hey, guys, look at the hypocrisy of Jews: Benjamin Netanyahu's son is dating a non-Jewish Norwegian, and this is causing uproar between orthodox Jews:

    "On Monday, the leader of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party said he believed the relationship actually caused Netanyahu and his wife great "heartache." Arieh Deri told a local radio station the relationship was no mere personal matter because Netanyahu is a "symbol of the Jewish people."

    "I know friends of mine who invest tens of millions and more, hundreds of millions to fight assimilation in the world," Deri told the Kol Barama station. "If God forbid it's true, woe to us."
    Other groups called on Netanyahu to put a stop to the relationship and even his brother-in-law took to the airwaves to speak out against it."

    Wow, man; promoting multiculturalism and assimilation outside Israel and prohibiting intermarriage between them. Double standards and more double standards.

    Israel is also exporting its multiculturalism to European countries:

  10. They're not all like that: Robert Gottlieb, Michael Levin, Robert Weissberg, Murray Rothbard were Jewish and not anti-white.