Monday, January 20, 2014

Deconstructing TheLipTV Propaganda

Someone posted a banner that said "Diversity is a Code Word for White Genocide". This upset the Cathedral. Because it seems that opposing genocide is now considered to be "hate".


What is interesting is analyzing how The Cathedral "argues" for a position. I put the word argue in quotes, because the media rarely bothers to form a coherent and logical argument. The tactic is mostly to make a claim and repeat it over and over. The other tactic is to smear the opponents by calling them "White Supremacists", "NAZIS", etc.


  1. Great breakdown of their limp strategy.

    Also, the phenomenon of overpass signs like this is spreading to Europe now!

  2. I would prefer you not eat my children.


    And for the love of YHVH, no more "Cathedral."

  3. The First Amendment is mostly a myth. PUBLIC colleges/universities are allowed by the courts to regulate speech to pretty much the same degree as it was regulated in the old East Germany. See the recent article at Amren by F. Roger Devlin.

    P.S. I guess some dion't like the use of the term "The Cathedral" because Moldbug is a half-Jewish
    Zionist who claims to think that the Palestine Lobby is more powerful than the Israel Lobby. Those who don't like it should come up with a more catchy handle for the Cultural Marxist Totalitalitarian Humanist neo-liberal Therapeutic Managerial State.

  4. Hey Ramsey I was having debate with a cultural marxist the other day and she basically used the same strategy you are talking about.

    The sad thing is she actually thought she had a coherent argument simply by saying that her opinion is "fact" and my opinion is racist.

    I kid you not, I referenced a black person to support my claim and she said she would not believe him because any black person agreeing with me is a sellout(of course any white person agreeing with me is a racist). This is a grown women working in the education system!

    The left are only emboldening these people more and unfortunately there will be a heavy price to pay for future generations.