Monday, January 6, 2014

Did 120 starving dogs eat naked Uncle Jang?

Did 120 starving dogs eat naked Uncle Jang? No. But that did not stop the media from spreading this lurid and fanciful tale around the world.

It is now reported that this tale was based on a Chinese satirical tweet. And the mainstream media lapped it up like a starving dog. Makes me wonder how much of our official war history is just fanciful tales. Hmmmmm.

And speaking of prison camps - Man heads to prison even after paying his child support:


  1. Are you saying there aren't starving dogs?!
    You must be one of those starving dog denier.
    We all heard it on TV so it has to be true.

  2. Just to be a d*ck-the Germans stayed out of Holland in World War I; the atrocity stories about babies were about Belgian babies. Germany's invasion of Belgium's neutrality was one of the reasons the British declared war on the Germans.

  3. The only fair thing and something that would show Dennis Rodman's appreciation for his new pal's hospitality? Send US prisoners to North Korea; if the situations are similar, why not outsource and have US prisoners serve their time in North Korea?

  4. The Hun's beastliness did not stop at catching babies on the tips of bayonets in WW1 - the practice continued well into WW2. They went on to gas 6million - it may even have been 6billion - I'll check with Abe Foxman. We may never know how many innocents were turned into soap on a regular production-line basis.
    At some camps 'geisers of blood' could be seen gushing from the ground from newly butchered and buried bodies. Oy! - the suffrink I could tell you..........