Wednesday, January 29, 2014

State of the Union - Idiocracy

Watching the State of the Union address was like watching a bad High School pep rally. The stupidity in this country is off the charts. The citizens are stupid. The politicians are stupid. America is a nation of retards with nuclear weapons.

In a sane world, Cathy McMorris Rodgers would be at home baking cookies. This vapid woman gives new meaning to the term "Stupid Party" for the Republicans. At first I thought she was some wife of a late night televangelist preacher scamming for money. But, no, this was not a joke. I guess the Republicans think this is their brightest light.


  1. RAMZ, you're the best. And you weren't even tryin'!

    1. Yep - anger born out of frustration. Is there a tipping point - will there ever be a tipping point? The revolution seems as far away as ever.

  2. I couldn't stand to watch any of it. But I always watch Ramzpaul :-)

  3. This is the most honest, cogent, and succinct analysis of the State of the Union that I have ever heard.

    I was actually grateful when Obama tactfully ended the standing ovation for brain-damaged soldier Cory Remsburg. I thought it was going to be a Mexican standoff. The brain damaged guy wasn't going to sit down, no one in Congress wanted to be the first to stop clapping, and Obama didn't want to look like he was interrupting the ovation.

  4. FYI, a lot of these tv and radio "Man on the Street" segments are for lack of a better term, "scripted".