Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Stupid People Ruin Vice

So I saw the following pic and I decided to stop drinking (at least for now):

The mixture of Christianity, Conservatism, Single Mommyhood, Attention Whoring and Drinking is just... gross.

Jenny Erikson is a (somewhat) famous Mommy blogger. She gain some notoriety when she claimed that it is a good idea to shop at Victoria Secret for a nine year old girl. Yeah, that is what now passes as "Conservative Christian" in 2013. (What can we expect from Conservative Christians in 10 years? Gang Bangs for Jesus?)

I love vice. God knows I have done my share. But once a vice becomes the norm among the mediocre IQ proles, it no longer seems fun. A Christian mother proud that her nine year old daughter pays homage to her alcoholism? Jesus. That is a train wreck I don't care to see.

A whole run down of her rather cliche saga can be found on Dalrock's blog:


  1. Once again you've hit it, Ramz. The whole point and supreme enjoyment of vice is that stupid people are trying to stop you doing it.

  2. A lesbian troll on another website went crazy about how Ramzpaul hates women. Frankly, she came across as if she was off her meds. But, you do tend to do quite a bit of commentary on nutty feminists. perhaps you could do a video on how women's natural instinct of group think and/or obedience to authority is being exploited by MSM to destroy them morally and physically. God knows I love women; but, damn are they so easy to manipulate.

  3. Once the masses discover a vice, it become not only immoral but ugly.
    Worse they start to think that because the rich can live like this that they should be able to, too-which means subsidies for things that wealthy people once had the decency to pay for out of their own pockets (i.e. bastard children).