Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Cursing Toddler - The Face of Democracy

As a Libertarian I believed that people should be able to do whatever they wanted as long as it did not harm another. While that is nice in theory, in reality when people act in an irresponsible manner (such as having hordes of bastard children) this creates a country that is crime infested and poor. Eventually the thugs and trash out breed the people that support civilization. And people who are raised to say "mutherfucker" and "suck my dick" as toddlers aren't likely to grow up as adults who value the quaint notions of Liberty and rule of law. They will simply demand loot from the few people who still produce. The end result is Zimbabwe style starvation.

It is UNETHICAL to allow irresponsible people to breed like rabbits.

A toddler seen babbling a litany of obscenities while adults goaded him on in a video that went viral has been taken into protective custody, police in Omaha, Neb., said on Wednesday. {snip}

In the video, an African-American toddler wearing just a diaper pushes over a chair, waves his middle finger, and repeats the obscenities and racial slurs that adult male and female voices, heard in the background, encourage him to say. The adults laugh each time the child parrots the profanities.


  1. Here in Spain we have our own blacks; they are called "gitanos" (Gypsies). They came 500 years ago from Punjab and they have not integrated into our society because they say they are their own people and want to remain like that. They also have a word to refer to non-Gypsies (as the Jews have "Goyim"): "payos".

    They are around 1.500.000 and deal with drugs, illegal weapons and rob, steal and threaten whites constantly. They are the perfect definition of what a parasite is. Our government is so stupid that they want to integrate them into the white society that they despise, so the government gives them food stamps, Social Security, a lot of different kinds of pays, FREE FLATS that they shatter into pieces, etcetera. Also, non-governmental organizations give them free food and clothes and stuff. Hell, Gypsies know much better than whites which advantages they can get from the system.

    Of course, all of this come from white people's taxes, so they breed, and breed an breed. The same goes for a lot of immigrants and other minorities.

    A lot of whites are getting sick of this situation, because we have to work more than eight hours a day and our taxes are extremely high. And that money they take from us, doesn't revert to us in form of infraestructures, but our political caste and their Gypsy and immigrant minions steal from us.

    We are fed up with the situation. And our public debt is growing and growing. And our taxes. Maybe it is time to take the guillotines to the street and cut some heads.

    1. It is worse in Sweden my friend. That's why I emigrated to Switzerland 11 years ago. That's the ONLY remaining civilization in Europe where nationalism, patriotism and so on is highly valued.
      Sweden has the highest immigration level from the MENA countries per capita in Europe and the result is the second highest number of assault rapes in the WORLD per capita - next after Lesotho. Burned schools, burned cars, wide-spread gang violence, skyrocketing murders, the worst PISA school results in Europe, cracking welfare systems and health care, non-existent military defense, mosques popping up like mushrooms etc etc. And the downward spiral has no end. In my world there are only 3 remaining countries to flee too if you are well-educated and it is Switzerland, Australia and Norway.

    2. I feel and share your pain, my fellow European brother. I know very well what's happening in Sweden and when I read the bad news coming from your country (not the news from the official media, of course), I feel enraged and outraged. Your nation has become a socialist-liberal-anti-white hell. What happened to the descendants of the bold and brave Viking warriors? The same shit is happening in Spain.

      But there is a little hope for us; I saw that white nationalists are getting organized in Sweden. Maybe we should fight one more time for the survival of Europe, all white nationalists united.

  2. Libertarianism has the same flaw as socialism. For it to work everyone would have to agree to it.
    However what we have now is not working at least for me. So I think I will continue to not pay taxis. Ya some people with guns will come to collect what is not there to take. But im past the point of seeing any benefit to giving it to them. If you damed if you do and damed if you don't.....don't.

    I think I will go with a Mono Anarchy system....Yes I gust mad that up.

  3. Libertarianism is mostly an escapist, fantasy world for Whites. Only Whites go for this individualist cult. And it is a cult. The cult leaders at the top, or near the top (Rand Paul, Reason Magazine editors) insist to the bitter end that the cult is 100% right, and cult leaders have wealth and power. Anyone trying to leave this cult is defamed, persecuted - all "reason" goes out the window when you try to leave the open borders immigration Libertarian cult.

    1. I'm 50% Pat Buchanan 50% Ron Paul. I like a lot of libertarian ideas. I just think they need to be more aggressive in opposing big government (tax evasion being the most important). Why is it the Tea Party has never organized a tax revolt?

      The biggest problem is the money, or in our case currency.

      The problem with democracy is it is impossible for people to resist the temptation to steal other people's wealth. This is why why some of the stanchest libertarians are for a 100% commodity backed currency or competing currencies. This literally cripples progressive democracy which is based on deficit spending, and currency debasement. A lot of problems you see in the black community are a direct result of government intervention in the economy. All it did is completely dismantle the black family and lead to a large amount of social problems.

  4. I’m sick and tired of the conflating of eminently sound (small “l”) libertarian economic principles such as:

    1) the basic legality and efficiency of capitalist acts freely entered upon by consenting adults,

    2) sound hard money principles instead of fractional reserve banking, and

    3) freedom of association (which was severely damaged by the 1964 Civil Rights Act),

    with wild statements about unrestricted immigration, homosexual marriage, and other such nonsense espoused by certain “libertarians” over the years.

    Read the Confederate Constitution. It is quite clearly libertarian in its economic prescriptions for low taxes and free trade.

  5. I thank you all to pieces for this one. I've reblogged it and quibcagged it and commented on it here:
    RamZPaul on Libertarianism and its Limits