Monday, January 13, 2014

Neighbor's goat, too, must die

When I was in Eastern Europe, a girl who lived under Communism explained to me the basic logic of the Communist system. She said in her native tongue that they had an expression, "Neighbor's goat, too, must die." What that meant was that "equality" dictated that it was unfair that your neighbor's goat should be allowed to live if your goat should have died. As such, the only fair action was to kill the other goat. This assured equality.

I thought of that expression when I read this story of how Facebook censored a photo that showed a woman who lost weight. The logic of the censorship was that such a photo could make fat people unhappy. After all it is not "equality" that some girls should be thin while others are fat. And it is easier for fat people to demand censorship than it is for them to put down the fork.

'Facebook banned my weight loss photo,' Attorney general's wife who lost 120lb over six years barred from website for promoting 'idolized body image'

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