Saturday, February 15, 2014

Collective Guilt For Communism?

After Communism fell in Hungary, all of the old Soviet statues were dumped in a park just outside Budapest. So now there is a graveyard of creepy Communist statues. I found the place to be fascinating.

One of the things I learned was how the leading Communist figures were not ethnically Hungarian.

As Louis Birinyi observed,

The personnel of the "government" were selected from the ranks of the agitators, about 95% of "whose names tell us that they were of Jewish origin." The country then was divided into districts, and a commissar was installed as the head of each district. It was not uncommon for the Bolsheviks to appoint janitors of Jewish synagogues as commissar with power over life or death of the people in their districts. Terror squads were organized, and the "red terror" was in full swing.

The Communist government was toppled in 1919 and Kun ran off to the Soviet Union. He later went to Germany in the 1920s and attempted to overthrow the German government.

During Kun's reign of terror, thousands of Hungarians were executed for being "counter revolutionaries".  Ironically, Kun himself was executed on the orders of Stalin. His crime? He was convicted of being a counter revolutionary. It is hilarious as the Left devours its own.


  1. Rams everyone knows that the "Bela Kun's" of the world are just meek violinists and scientists. Wouldn't hurt a fly. The reason why Germans and other Europeans hated them so much during the middle of last century is because they were just jealous and wanted a scapegoat. The "finns" attempt to conquer their countries and impose a tyrannical communist terror system such as they had in much as Eastern Europe had nothing to do with it. I have reported these hate facts of yours to the commiss...uh ADL and SPLC and hopefully you will be out of a job by next week. Perhaps our friends in the IRS, social services and the judicial system see what they can do as well.

  2. One interesting thing about the ethnic group you mentioned is that right after the installation of communism in these Eastern European countries, their over representation in the leading positions of the government dramatically declined. In Czechoslovakia, Poland, and Hungary, this ethnic group made up the majority of leading government figures in 1948, by 1960 they were a very small minority. The Czech government was known to keep a list of all of them, even those who had renounced their religion, as possible "Zionists."