Monday, February 17, 2014

Five Reasons to Visit Hungary

I highly recommend traveling abroad to see other nations and cultures. Visit a country that has yet to be "enriched" with multiculturalism and you can get a sense of how things should be. Nationalism is natural. Multiculturalism is some demented Cultural Marxist experiment that destroys nations and prosperity.

I will miss my Hungarian friends. And I hope to see them again soon.


  1. If you want to eat true Hungarian food, go to the Matyas Pince restaurant: excelent spicy food and folk music; maybe you already know it. Nice people, too. And, yes, Hungarian women are very, very beautiful: they have a lovely phenotype.

    You have Prague (excelent homemade beer) and Vienna very close to Budapest, it's a shame if you don't go there. They are even more beautiful than Budapest.

    And to take a rest, Karlovy Vary's thermal baths are a must.

    Enjoy your stay in our continent.

  2. Let's hope that Barbara Spectre doesn't see this video. She might try to bring diversity to Hungary then it won't be Hungary anymore.
    Stay away Shem!

  3. What...........all that good stuff yet no diversity?? (Scratchin' ma haid..)