Monday, February 10, 2014

John McCain lectures Hungary over democracy

Sometimes it is rather embarrassing travelling as an American abroad.

I am currently in Hungary and I am enjoying the people I have met. Unfortunately, John McCain (the semi-senile warmonger) was in Hungary last week representing the USA. As Hungary is soon having elections, the USA decided that this would be a good time to lecture the Hungarian people about tolerance and democracy.

Part of the issue is some "extremists" political parties in Hungary are proposing that politicians that have dual citizenship should be identified as such to the voters. Obviously, this is a very hateful suggestion.

The other problem in Hungary is that the new holocaust memorial doesn't seem to humiliate the Hungarians in a sufficient manner. This OUTRAGE has caused an international incident. As such, the USA deemed it necessary to send John McCain over to meddle in Hungary's elections.

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  1. I hope this doesn't mean that you're also not part neanderthal? We need some neanderthals on our side. Anyway, neanderthal or not keep up the good work.