Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Immigration Debate - Dreams of a homeland

Republicans seem to always fall into the "legal" versus "illegal" trap when it comes to the immigration debate. So importing 10 million people from the Congo into America is fine with them as long as it is "legal".  Of course, they make such a stance to avoid being called a witch "racist".

I believe most Americans oppose a Third World invasion because they desire to maintain a First World civilization. It is not so much a debate over which civilization is "superior" but the fact we want a home for our people. This is a natural desire of all people.

Zionism started as as a movement in the 19th century for a Jewish homeland. It seemed crazy at the time. But now Israel is a Jewish state and the USA is required by law to defend Israel as a Jewish state. This is seen as natural and good.

In a similar manner, it is natural and good for us to have a homeland. People who wish to live in "diversity" are free to reside in such a country. But what is wrong with offering a choice?

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  1. If you think America has a problem with immigration come and see Britain. You can't recognise it anymore. Most of Scotland at least is still Scottish and worth a look. In fact the place I'm from up in Shetland has a Viking Fire Festival (Uphellyaa) where they burn a viking ship and have a good piss up every winter. The last group of Villages has their festival roughly March 1st. I think you'd like it!