Saturday, February 22, 2014

Ukraine and Nationalism

Will Ukraine be a puppet of the USA/EU or Russia? Or will Ukraine achieve self-determination?

Will Americans one day gain self-determination?

KIEV, Ukraine — The street fighters in Independence Square, kitted out with motorcycle helmets, plywood shields and baseball bats, are an intimidating lot by any measure, and this week they turned whole battalions of riot police officers on their heels in epic, bloody clashes that stunned the world. ...
The exploits and fearsome appearance of the fighters, known as the defenders of Maidan, as the square is known, have been elevated to lore, at least among supporters of the opposition. Old men pat them on the back, children revere them, and women want to be their girlfriends.

We are fighting

For the right of every Ukrainian to human dignity...

For a fair criminal trial of Berkut and other dogs of the occupational system...

Against the humiliation and impoverishment of the Ukrainian people...

Against the war of the government with its own people...

For responsible voters and politicians...

For the election of judges...

Against corrupt and marginal democracy...

Against degeneracy and totalitarian liberalism...

For traditional folk morality and family values...

For Ukrainian families having many children...

For a spiritually and physically healthy youth...

Against a culture of consumerism and eroticism...

Against any form of "integration" on terms dictated from outside of Ukraine...

For unity and worldwide greatness of the Ukrainian nation...

For a great Ukrainian and European Reconquista... Everything is only beginning! From our Maidan, the rebirth of Kyivan-Rus/Ukraine commences, the rebirth of Europe commences.

Glory to Ukraine!

Meanwhile, we have the usual suspects trying to promote their "enrichment" in the Ukraine. (The USA flag with the Chevron logo says it all.)


  1. You've got a lot more to learn about the Ukrainian opposition Ramz!

    Vitali Klitchko - his grandma's name was Tamara Efimovna Etinzon (!);
    Yulia Timoshenko - her grandpa's name was Abram Kelmanovich Kapitelman (!), in the "Finnish" school #3 (where he worked before WWII) of Sniatyn city in Ivano-Frankivsk region a plaque was put in his memory;
    The leader of the "Svoboda" Tyahnybok's grandma's "true Ukranian" name was Frotman (!);
    Senya Yatsenyuk's mom Maria Grigoryevna (nee Bakai), belongs to the ancient "Finnish" family, rising to the authoritative interpreter of the Talmud Rabbi Bakai.
    Oligarch Poroshenko at birth was Waltsman.
    Lutsenko has an Israeli passport.
    Former mayor of Odessa, Klitchko's right hand - Edward Iosifovich Gurwitz
    Finally, the most extreme extremist of them - Dmitro Korchinski, Gurwitz associate - a halakhic "Finn".

    As for who were the great oppressors and murderers of the Eastern Europe, here's from the horse's mouth:

    And this should help as well:

  2. There are many factions attempting to gain control of the Ukraine. And it is more complex than reducing it to a battle between Jews and non-Jews.

    Such is one of the reasons I am not a WN. I simply don't have an obsession with the Jews. And just because someone may have some Jewish ancestry does not indicate that such a person is part of some sort of Zionist conspiracy. Hell, based on my 23andme results, there is a chance I am 0.5% Jewish. And if I am part of the conspiracy, I never got the secret memo.

    Here is the deal - even if Jews were to magically disappear tomorrow, we would still have ethnic disputes. For example, the Japanese were quite capable of hating the Chinese without the help of the Jews.Similarly, many Ukrainians despise Russians. Yes, real Russians - not Jews pretending to be Russians.

    Is Jewish influence a factor in this conflict? Of course. Is it the only factor? No.

    1. Trust me Ramz I was not reducing anything to the J-factor. I just gave you one more piece of the puzzle that's all. I'm from Russia originally and even if I wanted to I don't qualify for the "Caucasian" WN ;)

      As for the Ukrainian hatred towards the Russians, well, you're a talking about the radical specimens from the Western Ukraine like this "Right Sector" that you liked for some reason. RS is just one of the US/NATO paid extremist groups, this was made public by the Ukrainian special forces Historically it's the European/US intelligence agencies and finn-owned MSM are to blame for the build-up of animosity, "divide and conquer".

      For a good scoop on the events I recommend this group:

  3. As Steve Sailer noted on his blog, the bankers and politicians will retake control.

  4. Probably.

    But Nationalism is natural. So eventually the natural order will prevail.

    1. I agree it is natural, but with an aggressive plutocracy that controls the mainstream media and pressure groups the Nationalism urge can be suppressed for decades, if not centuries. This is why certain groups police the mainstream media so strongly. Most people’s thinking--unless they are smart and/or aware of alternate media (thanks RAMZPAUL!)--is shaped strongly by mainstream media. It shapes and is their reality and tells them how to think, how to vote.

      Of course, this could change overnight if a billionaire like Tom Perkins or T. Boone Pickens became a Great American Patriot, but I’m not holding my breath. T. Boone, for example, made gifts to Oklahoma State University for $400,000,000, most of which was geared towards improving the school’s athletic program. Oh, and he got his name on some walls. What a waste. If Nationalists had our own Fox News things could change fast.

      T. Boone’s gift might make for good satire in a video, just a suggestion.

    2. Yes, the problem is, if they keep Nationalist suppressed long enough, just long enough to finish their program of 'diversity', it will be too late.

      I'm not being pessimistic, I think this is not that likely as they are barely, just barely able to keep a lid on it, and it won't get easier. But we must remember, that Nationalism needs 'a people', and if you destroy those people, you destroy nationalism.

      The plutocracy is not our nation. They are an alien, treasonous force.

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  5. Good points.

    As we know, the overwhelming majority of the plutocracy support mass immigration.

    That plutocracy is mostly composed of:

    a) left-wing multi-cultists who want to minimize or even destroy the power of the ethnic majority; they own the mainstream media and lobby/pressure groups (e.g. ADL, SPLC, and other groups), massive campaign contributions

    b) Right-wing corporations & banks which want cheap labor—also involved in the mainstream media but to a lesser extent than the above category, lavishly funded lobby groups, massive campaign contributions

    Other factors I can think of: left-wingers in education & government and "do-gooders" like the certain Catholic & Protestant organizations which feel like it's their duty to save the world