Wednesday, February 5, 2014

University of Montana professor 'unpacks White privilege'

One of the more sinister (and genocidal) memes is that of "White Privilege". Such demonization of an entire racial group other than Whites would be unthinkable in a modern University. Could you imagine ANY university having a "sustained dialogue" session about the "Jewish Problem" and "Jewish Privilege"? Any professor that attempted such a stunt would be promptly fired. And the University would send millions of dollars to the ADL in form of atonement. Yet, it is perfectly acceptable to demonize an entire race as long as they are White.

Dr. Tobin Miller Shearer comes across as a mild manner professor speaking in run on sentences and cliches. But when you parse what he is saying, it is quite sinister. The demonization of an entire race is a precursor to justifying genocide.

“To be white in America is to claim an identity that attempts to be de-racialized and is predicated upon the receipt of power and privilege simply on one’s appearance: a racialized appearance from the fundamental equations that whiteness equals access to power and privilege based on one’s racial identity,” - Professor Shearer. 


  1. Ramz, thank you for helping to give us a voice. Staying on message about our genocide is so important, and nobody was doing it even just a few years ago. I can feel the momentum building like a tidal wave. God bless you and your awesome videos!

    1. My thoughts exactly - many thanks, Ramz.

      I get a boost when I read the comments section after the MSN have run an ant-white story......... seems like 90% of the correspondents now know whats going on.

  2. Do you have a thing called "African American Studies" in the U.S.A.? Oh, man, I just can't believe it, it is so absurd. And what do they study? There mustn't be so much to study about, as long as blacks do not have a large history in America and they haven't achieved much as an ethnic group.

    Do you want to know something about real privileged ethnic groups? Check this:

    It is a link to a book by Norman Finkelstein (The Holocaust Industry), a Jewish American that exposes the real big business surrounding the exploitation of the Holocaust by powerful Jewish organisations like the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, the World Jewish Congress, the State of Israel, lawyers and other organisations and Jewish associations.

    Well, that is real privilege (they should check their Jewish privilege :D): they demand money from Germany, Swiss banks, German industries, the Polish government, etcetera, whith the backing, pressure, blackmailing and help of the pro-zionist american government. They create "Holocaust museums" where they can (they enforce their creation) without mentioning other ethnic groups that died. They also use the Holocaust as something unique, as if nobody else but Jews died in WWII or as if there's never been another holocaust (the Armenian, the Greek and the Ucranian come to mind). They enforce laws in foreign nations concerning Jewish matters, so now denying the Holocaust is a crime in my country since 2.012.

    And they talk about white privilege. That's hypocrisy and phariseeism.

  3. Well done RamZ. Keep calling these bastards out. More and more ordinary White people are waking up to their tricks.

  4. Professor Shearer preaches about something he knows nothing about. Go to Africa, go live there for 10 years ( I did for 40) and then be the expert. You cant be a expert on anything with hypotheses, in order to understand you need to live and understand. Its not about superiority, its about the difference in culture, the difference in outlook on life. WRT to Africa, the ubuntu mentality and the impossibility of aligning it with European culture. Rather celebrate the difference than trying to say everyone is the same. Jeez, you guys in the USA are in for a rough ride.

  5. Talk about "White privilege" - how about these White cultural Marxist tenured professors that have the privilege of avoiding honest labor. Wouldn't we all like to see this idiot have to do army basic training?