Thursday, February 13, 2014

Youths Riot at Florida State Fair

Diversity is our strength!

My advice to Europeans - shut down immigration while you still can. Diversity plus Proximity always breeds violence. Look towards America as an example as to what happens when your country becomes "enriched". Insist that the "vibrant" people maintain their enriching cultures in their own countries.

A disturbing picture is emerging about events Friday night that led to the Florida State Fair shutting down early.

Authorities describe scenes where hundreds of teens went on a chaotic spree of stampeding, shoving, and fighting.

The situation was so out of control, and deputies were so overwhelmed and outmatched, that the commander on the scene asked fair officials to shut the whole thing down.


  1. Hope you're enjoying your time in Europe. I'm quite jealous! Recently in Australia, we've been enriched with a 6 man gang rape of a 14 year old girl, and a 61 year old trying to marry off his 12 year old daughter. Our future is bright!

    The denial some people live in is quite outstanding. There must be more mental effort spread to just to maintain this denial about diversity, than there is curing all the worlds diseases put together.

  2. It's too late, Ramzpaul.

    Spain has a city in North Africa called Ceuta and 300 Subsaharan "youths" tried to force their way from Morocco to Spain. They got divided into two groups; one group tried to force their way by land and the other tried it by sea, swimming, because the Moroccan police were after them.

    Some of them were received by our cops with rubber bullets, and when they reached the beach, they were expelled again to Morocco.

    14 youths died drowned in the sea.

    This has created great controversy in my country and a lot of people said that our police's actions were brutal and incorrect. I say that they tried to force their way illegally into Spain and they knew the risks. I am sorry for the dead, but we must defend our borders at all costs.

    We have an inside enemy: the Non-Governmental Organizations, that give advice to these "youths" so they can force their way into Spain and they can stay here.

  3. Overwhelming white populations by using massive third-world emigration is a deliberate strategy. Robbing the indigenous whites of their national identity benefits one specific and powerful group. It is a group that has reason to fear the rise of Nationalism - which is often the consequence of this group's culturally destructive behavior. Mentioning this group is one of our biggest taboos and can cost you your career and friends....

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