Monday, March 17, 2014

10 things more effective than Obama's Sanctions

So the Crimean people decided via a vote to join Russia. I guess that makes sense due to their historical ties. But I figure such a thing does not really concern me. I believe in self-determination. Self-determination is a concept in which people have the right to determine their own government. Predictably, this offends the United States government. With no sense of irony, the US position is that Crimea belongs to the Ukraine and has no legal right to break free. I am sure England would have agreed with that point in 1776.

Anyway, Obama huffed and puffed and announce a series of sanctions to punish Russia. This resulted in much laughter from the Russians.


  1. On the other hand, the syphilitic McCain wants to cover the Earth in mushroom clouds to show American "strength."

    I think I'll take weak in this instance.

  2. I don't understand what this administrations objective is on this. I guess it's like when our states vote overwhelmingly against something, like gay marriage, but then the Federal government fights to overturn the law or referendum that the people voted for. Our leviathan Federal government thinks it knows best in every situation and that they have the right force their opinion on.
    If they want to be part of Russia or don't want to, it's none of the US's business either way, we should not be involved, they have the right of self-determination, just as you've said.
    Though it is funny to watch Putin play O like the fool he is.

  3. There's a collective ownership issue. All the people of one country together own this country. Normal free countries have freedom of movement. So all nationals have a right to move everywhere within their country and to be recognized as countryman there. If one part of a people, those who happen to live in one region, organize, gang up, to secede, they deprive their countrymen of the right to freedom of movement in their home country and the recognition as countryman. They steal a part of the country from the rest of the people.
    I think, there's no universal right to secession. Crimea unfortunately had to secede to prevent the Eurocrats (EU bureaucrats) from getting their hands on something they shan't get. The majority of the Ukrainian people now can be really angry toward those of their countrymen who threatened Crimea with EU membership, like toward the Klitchko brothers.
    But the secession of 1776 was outright theft. The European settlers in America deserved to be deported back to Europe and be replaced by other settlers more likely to support national union, as happened in Northern Ireland. They hadn't settled for themselves but in a mission to take the continent for their entire people that would remain by majority in Europe.


  5. Does anyone find it disturbing that a Jewish Supremacist (whose father is from France) has such a blatantly bigoted name like Charles "Krauthammer"; yet, no one seems to think twice?
    Isn't it the equivalent to a neo-Nazi with a last name like "Kikebaker"?
    Are we gonna start seeing a New Black Panther "race relations experts" on tv with a last name like "Crackerkilla"; and, no one blinks an eye?

    Wiki link about Charles "Krauthammer":

  6. I agree with you 100% RamZ. If 95% of the Crimeans want to join with Russia what business is it of Barack Obama's. In fact one wonders why Obama and his state department aren't calling this the "Crimean Spring." The legitimate desires of the Crimean people are certainly more valid that the demands from a mob of illiterate Muslims. Just thinking out loud. Cheers.