Monday, March 24, 2014

A Brick to the Face - A Study of Propaganda

My last video was about the evil of "microaggressions".  Below is a story of the many of "macroaggressions" that our people face every day.

What is fascinating is watching how the propaganda is constructed. The OBVIOUS is never said. Everyone is just supposed to pretend that such attacks are just "random". And to notice the OBVIOUS is much more wicked than the actual crime.

At its core, Cultural Marxism is a war against reality and truth.


  1. "You lost!"

    Quoted by a creature whose kind would perish by the centimillions in the absence of white charity. Quite a win that is. We'll see how long it lasts.

    By the way, Ramz I was writing a piece on "Macroagressions" as I clicked here.

    1. The original comment by "truth" that said "You lost" vanished. Sorry.
      I didn't see it coming when I posted a reply to him, saying.
      - Thank you. You are blunt. Your comment will do well in a museum in the future, too.
      Did anybody save it before it got killed? It would really do well in a museum. It contained many links. Has anybody followed the links and watched them?

  2. Brutes can never become civilized. But civilized people can be brutal when necessity requires it.