Saturday, March 29, 2014


It seems that the Left is looking to ban Stephen Colbert because he made a racially offensive tweet concerning Asians. Colbert is himself a leftist who plays a "conservative" character  in an attempt to mock conservatives. Colbert is claiming that his tweet was "satire" and he too is an anti-racist.

People of Color are calling him on this. Because pretty much everyone now knows that "anti-racist" is just a code word for "anti-white". So is Colbert is really anti-racist, why has he not yet killed himself? Good for Suey Park for calling Colbert out on his hypocrisy,

heh. I love how the Left eats its own.


  1. Christ, you're right. They eat their own. You know what strikes me about liberals? Their absolute lack of a sense of humor. Oh yeah, bully the Christians, but when it's us being made fun of then we go postal.

  2. Huff Post guy surprisingly good!

  3. Asian Americans are drones who copy and follow political correctness. They lack appreciation of satire.

    That said, Colbert used an Asian trope because he thought Asian community would be timid and not make a fuss about it. And in the past, Asians were far less vocal.
    Colbert would likely not have made a joke about ugabuga jigs, pushy wushy kikes, faggy gaggy queers.

    So, like Sarah Silverman with her 'chink' remark, he thought he chose a safe target for satire.

    But in this age of twitter, things work differently. A lot of Asians have been conditioned by PC to bitch and whine like other 'victim' groups.
    Also, due to heavy Asian presence in colleges, today many elite members of society have Asian friends.
    That makes a difference.

    So, I think the only safe target left are white males, esp in the South.

  4. The Zepp vs Park video is priceless. When Mz Park throws out her "check your privilege white man" venom Zepp is incredulous. Totally incredulous. He looks at her like how dare you speak to me like that don't you know I'm a liberal and therefor above criticism. In truth they are both clueless. Too funny.

  5. I saw a twitter quote where she dismisses the constitution due to its stale, pale and male author (who she assumes committed genocide and ate babies). I guess despite manifest destiny making California developed enough for her parents to immigrate to isn't enough. Better heed Ruth Bader Ginsburg's advice and adopt the post '94 South African constitution, i'm sure that'll fix everything.

  6. Suey Park plays a perpetual victim. The coffee she buys is either too hot or too cold because she's Asian and she is sure everyone is out to get Asians. When she's not playing the victim she helps others be more offended about non issues that have no affect over their lives. Wouldn't it be ironic if she turned it into a lucrative career? She's just another self centered nut.

  7. suey interviews from her bedroom, nothing more needs to be said. Race is deeper than phenotype or culture.